Quantum Energy Solutions is a leading provider of geothermal heating and cooling systems for new homes in Southern Ontario

Design / Build – Designing Residential Heating Systems

In 2016 Quantum Geothermal launched Quantum Energy Solutions with the mandate to operate as an integrated design/build company. Beyond our core expertise as geothermal contractors we began to expand our focus to include the design of entire HVAC systems, floor warming systems and snow melt systems. On many new projects we are hired to prepare your HVAC permit package.

Our related consultation and design services including :

  • Heating concept development and design consultation
  • Energy modelling
  • HVAC design and preparation of HVAC permit package
  • Floor warming / floor heating design
  • Snow melt design
  • Geothermal site plan design
  • Indoor pool design
  • Net zero design c/w solar design (on selected projects)

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We work with architects and homeowners to develop an intelligent and highly efficient heating and cooling design that is developed specifically for each new property . From there our design team will often be given responsibility to produce a set of HVAC plans for permit application. These plans must reflect the specific requirements of our clients. We prefer to integrate all heating related systems into an efficient design and then prepare all the documentation required when submitting for a building permit. 

If you are planning to design and build a new custom home, the best time to connect with us is while you are still in the planning and design stage. We believe this is a critically important stage in the overall construction process as it allows for an open dialogue and an exchange of information while the design concept is still being completed. As a simple example, after a review of your architectural plans and the locaton of the mechanical room(s) we may propose changes that will improve the function, ease of instalation or operating efficiency of the systems.

We advocate for building designs that specify the use of advanced building envelopes, quality windows, high performance insulation and low air leakage construction. Throughout our process we encourage discussion around the appropriate use of renewable energy systems. This coordinated design / build approach results in homes that are extremely energy and cost efficient to operate and maintain.

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