Quantum Geothermal is a leading installer of geothermal heating and cooling systems for new homes in southern Ontario


Are you under construction now or planning to start construction of your new home this year or next? Now is the time to call us and talk about your heating and cooling options. Quantum Geothermal has developed a special interest and expertise in new home construction projects. Working with builders, architects and home owners from the early design stages, we can bring innovative strategies that will save both time and money once construction begins.

Quantum Geothermal can help you build your new home with a Geothermal System

Designing and building a new home can be an exciting and challenging experience. Many important decision need to be made, some of which will influence the enjoyment of your home for many years to come. The selection of the heating and cooling system is one of those important decisions.

Quantum Geothermal provides a team of experienced, skilled contractors who install geothermal ground loops and geothemal heat pumps. We also extend our contracting services to include the installation of floor warming and snow melt systems. By integrating these contracts into our scope of work we can offer price competitive quotes and scheduling coordination of these related trades under a single project management team.

As we discussed earlier, a geothermal heat pump will provide both heating in the winter months and cooling in the summer months from a single piece of equipment? With our systems there is no equipment outside in your back or side yard. No noise, no exposure to the weather and nothing outside to maintain, clean or winterize.

Do your research before you commit to your choice of the heating and cooling system for your new home. Talk with your architect, talk with your builder, or talk with us. We welcome your inquiry or phone call long before you are ready to get a quote. This is the time to start thinking about geothermal.

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