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There are many details to consider when designing a custom home. Deciding what you “must have” vs. what would be “good to have” vs. what you “might consider having” are often predominantly determined by your budget and your lifestyle requirements. Many of these big, important decisions are made at the early design stage of the overall project while working with your architect. Some decisions can take considerable time and research to finalize, while other considerations may be decided by default or by simply accepting a recommendation to follow “standard practices”.

We advise and encourage our clients to make wise, informed decisions for their specific situation and we offer consultation and design services to help with this process. By explaining and comparing the options available to you (as it relates to heating and cooling systems) we can add valuable input to assist with some of these important decisions.

We see each new project as an opportunity to contribute our experience and perspective to the design process. Given the opportunity, we can help develop a unique design solution that will truly meets our client’s requirements and expectations. We want you to understand your options and make informed decisions about how to heat and cool your home. We also understand that some custom design requirements may not integrate well into the overall plans that your builder will have once construction of your new residence begins. In that scenario we can provide advice from an independant perspective.

Quantum Geothermal in association with Quantum Energy Solutions:  www.quantumgeothermalsolutions.com  offers consultation services. Our design expertise provides perspective, ideas and suggestions on how to design the most functional, cost effective and energy efficient HVAC system for their new home.

If you are planning to build a new home take a few minutes to complete our energy evaluation form and we’ll be pleased to respond by reviewing your plans and offering to set up an intial design review meeting. Hopefully, this will help you decide if a geothermal heating and cooling system will be practical for your new home.  We take a straight forward and pragmatic approach that we hope you will find refreshing and instructive.
Every year an increasing number of new homes are built using renewable energy systems that are designed using geothermal as the primary heating and cooling source. We continue to advocate for the accelertion of this trend. Get informed and decide wisely if geothermal is right for your new home.

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In terms of environmental impact, how you construct your new home matters. If you goal is to reduce or eliminate the use of fossil fuels then we should talk.

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