Quantum Geothermal is a leading installer of geothermal heating and cooling systems for new homes in southern Ontario

Design Phase

It is recommended that the decision to install a geothermal heating and cooling system (vs. a propane or gas fired furnace with conventional outdoor AC units) be made early in the design phase of the construction project. This will facilitate the proper preparation of your HVAC permit package and allow us to make appropriate design recommendations as you and your architect work to complete your architectural drawings.   

The architectural drawings will evolve from discussions between the design firm and the clients. The mechanical aspects of the new home design will be determined by the size of the home and an evaluation of the client’s requirements. Quantum Geothermal offers design and consultation services and assistance with the preparation of the HVAC permit package. The HVAC design will be confirmed once a set of heat loss / heat gain calculations are prepared. Again, Quantum Geothermal can provide the services of a BCIN certified designer (familiar with the requirements of geothermal systems) to assist with this aspect of the overall design.

Alternatively, your architect or builder may have a preferred HVAC design company to work with and in this scenario Quantum Geothermal will provide all the necessary specifications for the heat pumps and work cooperatively with the designated HVAC design firm.

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