Quantum Geothermal is a leading installer of geothermal heating and cooling systems for new homes in southern Ontario

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Residential Geothermal Design and Installation

Quantum Geothermal is dedicated to providing top quality geothermal solutions for each new home construction project. We offer complete geothermal design and installation services and provide site management from the start of each project to its completion.

We work cooperatively with architects and custom home bulders to insure that each system is designed to meet the specific rrquirements of their clients.

As is true with many other aspects of the overall construction of any new custom residence, the successful installation of the heating and cooling system requires a thoughtful design and the selection of qualified and experienced contractors who can deliver quality workmanship and a cost effective installation.

With hundreds of successful projects completed and a long list of satisfied customers, our excellent reputation for cost-competitive, quality geothermal system installations continues to grow. We bring an intelligent, honest and personalized approach to each new project and continue to advocate energetically  for the use of geothermal heating and cooling systems in new custom homes.

Quantum Geothermal – Construction of New Custom Homes

Quantum Geothermal has developed a series of innovative construction protocols intended to improve the efficiency with which each construction project proceeds. Good communications and reliable scheduling of our crews are important and necessary elements of working cooperatively with builders and all the other trades that we get involved with.

We are often awarded several distinct contracts for different parts of the overall construction project. These contracts will include not only the installation of the geothermal ground loop system and the supply of the heat pumps but may also include the installation of floor warming and snow melt (aka heated driveway) systems.   

This additional scope of work in managed by our partner company Quantum Energy Solutions.  Established in 2016 Quantum Energy Solutions focuses exclusively on the design and installation of integrated heating and cooling systems for new custom residences. The company was established to expand our efforts beyond our traditional experitse with geothermal system and allow us to participate in other parts of the overall construction project where we can recommend and promote the use of renewable energy.  There is an ever increasing expectation for homes to be built as highly energy efficient structures and we look forward to contributing towards this growing trend.

If you are interested in reading more about Quantum Energy Solutions, please follow this link: www.quantumenergysolutions.com

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