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HVAC Permit Package

Building Permit Submission Package  

There are several steps required to obtain a building permit for constructing a new home. Early in the process your property will be reviewed for compliance with local by-laws and any potential negative impact on existing neighbour’s properties. There may also be an environmental impact study required to satisfy the local conservation auhorities that building your new home will not damage to the local eco-system, waterways or local wildlife.

These regulatory processes are known as Committee of Adjustments (C of A) and Site Plan Approval (SPA).  Once these steps are completed and permission to proceed is obtained, you will be allowed to submit your architectural plans and supporting documents to your local municipality and request a building permit.

There are several specialized parts to the overall building permit submission package that your architect will have prepared. They include structural, plumbing, electrical and HVAC (heating and cooling) designs along with other supporting documents.  We often work with clients and architects to advise and assist with the preparation of the HVAC permit package. Our team of  BCIN certified designers and engineers can insure that the design and requirements of the homeowners are properly represented.

We like to get involved in each new project while it’s still in the design stage so as to insure that once construction begins there is a smooth transition from design to build and important decisions have been discussed, understood and agreed to. Making changes is easly done and far less expensive in the design stage than later on the job site while contruction is underway.

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