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Design and Construction

Design and Build using Geothermal Energy Systems  

Today it is widely recognized that you don’t need to burn fossil fuels just to keep your house warm in the midst of an Ontario winter. Instead, all you need is the understanding that using clean, renewable geothermal energy can provide a reliable source of heat for your home This remains true even during the coldest Canadian winters.

The interest in using geothermal as a reliable solution for heating and cooling new custom homes, subdivision developments and multi-residential buildings (MURBs) is growing rapidly. This encouraging trend is being driven by several factors which include the obvious environmental benefits of switching away from burning fossil fuels, political shifts and wider acceptance of geothermal as a viable alternative to conventional heating systems within the residential building industry.

If you’re planning to build a new home it’s best to speak with us while you’re still in the early design stage. You can build with confidence when you decide to design and build your new home using renewable geothermal energy systems.

Quantum Geothermal – Residential Geothermal Design and Installation

Quantum Geothermal is dedicated to providing top-quality geothermal solutions for your home. 

We  have years of experience and understand that for each new project we must design a customized system that will meet the specific needs of our customers and that insure the best value, performance, living comfort and convenience is acheived.

With hundreds of successful projects completed and a long list of satisfied customers, our reputation for cost-competitive, quality geothermal system installations is excellent and continues to grow.

If you are considering a geothermal system for your new home, please contact us so that we may hear your questions and better understand your needs. If you’re interested in a free energy evaluation to determine if a geothermal system is right for you, please complete our evaluation form below.

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