Quantum Geothermal is a leading installer of geothermal heating and cooling systems for new homes in southern Ontario

Vertical Ground Loop

National statistics on geothermal installations show that vertical ground loops are the second most common form of installation, after horizontal ground loops. However, in any given year the majority of our business at Quantum Geothermal requires that the ground loop be installed in a vertical configuration. This deviation from the national average is attributable to the fact that we continue to install a significant number of geothermal systems in urban and suburban locations around the GTA where the properties are not large enough to accommodate a horizontal ground loop.

Vertically drilled systems require only a few hundred square feet of surface area on a property, with the drilled boreholes seperated by only about 10 feet (3 m). By comparison, a horizontal ground loop system will require a series of excavated trenches of 100 yards (100 m) in length.

Vertically drilled systems take several days to complete and are more expensive than horizontal systems but they offer the ideal solution in many situations where space, access, or pre-existing landscaping features preclude the excavation of long horizontal trenches.

When working on projects in southern Ontario Quantum Geothermal uses a rotary mud drilling process to drill boreholes through a variety of materials. Once we drill through the overburden material (topsoil, sand or clay) we will contiune by drilling deeper into the underlying rock (shale or limestone) to a depth of  180 – 230 feet (55 – 70 m). Once these boreholes are completed, high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is inserted into the boreholes and each hole is then grouted with a bentonite material to complete the installation. The drill rig trucks used by Quantum Geothermal are fully compliant with all MOE and CSA requirements for drilling geothermal installations in Ontario.

The most appropriate design for the ground loop for your home and property can easily be determined by completing one of our energy evaluations, having a quick discussion with a Quantum representative or arranging for a site visit to your home.

If your goal is to live in a net zero home then we should talk.