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Construction Protocols

New home construction is our primary focus and accounts for the majority of our all our installation projects. Working with various designers and builders we have accumulated a valuable inventory of protocols and procedures that can add value and reduce inefficiencies in the construction costs of a project. Upon request, will be pleased to discuss specific protocols that might be of benefit to you as you proceed with the planning, design and construction of your new home.

Here’s one simple but useful protocol. As shown in this photo, using corrugated, non-perforated plastic pipes to act as conduits allows us to bring the geothermal pipes from outside directly into the utility room which eliminates the need to core through the foundation wall and allows us to bring the supply and return lines directly into the basement mechanical room. Simple but sometimes a better way.

It is recommended that the installation of the ground loop be completed early in the construction cycle. Working in cooperation with the client and builder an assessment of the site plan will determine the preferred configuration and location for the ground loop. For rual projects where municipal services are not available, a standard protocol is to allow for the septic system designers to selelct a preferred location on the property for their system as the first priority. The geothermal ground loop can then be positioned within the remaining area of the site. This cooperative approach can create construction efficiencies which often translate into cost savings.

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