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Garage Floor Heating

Garage Floor Heating

The same technology, materials and heating equipment that is used to warm basement floors, bathroom floors and many other parts of a house can be expanded to heat garage floors. These radiant heating systems can be designed for a range of purposes – from maintaining a temperature in the garage that will be sufficient to melt snow off parked cars overnight or the system can be designed to generate enough heat in the garage to create a comfortable working environment.

The OBC (Ontario Building Code) does not permit a garage to be heated using forced air ductwork because if a (gas fueled) vehicle was left running in the garage for any length of time, carbon monoxide from the exhaust could be brought back into the house through th ductowrk system and thereby create a serious health risk. Of course, if you are already driving an electric car this risk is eliminated but the building codes have not yet been updated to recognize this improvement offered by EVs so this OBC restriction currently still applies to all homes.  All garage floor warming systems that we install are designed using the same PEX tubing and radiant floor controls we use for basements and other areas inside the residence.

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