Quantum Geothermal is a leading installer of geothermal heating and cooling systems for new homes in southern Ontario


Often overlooked is the additional cost savings available from running a geothermal system in the summer months for cooling purposes. By simply reversing the process, heat can be removed from your home and deposited into the ground loop using the heat sink capacity of the earth to absorb unwanted heat.

Many people report that they find the air quality and comfort level significantly better than what they experienced in the past with conventional central AC units.  Heat pumps are better at controlling the relative humidity (RH) of a home and have lots of cooling capacity. With their ability to reduce humidity and accurately control temperature, geothermal systems operating in the cooling mode can deliver unmatched comfort and cost efficiencies during the summer months in Ontario.

And remember, since the heat pump (typically located in the basement, where you would expect the furnace to be) works as a heating and cooling machine, there is no need to install an outdoor AC unit. No equipment outside means no noise, no exposure to the weather and superior cooling. What’s not to like ?

If your goal is to live in a net zero home then we should talk.