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Propane Conversions

Why Should You Stop Using Propane To Heat Your House ? 

It is well understood that as the years roll on the cost of using propane will continue to increase disproportionately when compared against other available heating options. Propane conversions of existing homes are often rather straightforward projects to complete and they can result in a big win for homeowners who have the inclination and budget to make the investment.

Ever year Quantum Geothermal responds to inquiries to retrofit homes away from propane furnaces and onto renewable geothermal energy. A properly installed geothermal heating and cooling system can provide a reliable source of heat for your home even during the coldest Canadian winters. What some existing homeowners with propane tanks on their property still fail to understand is that they can reduce their heating costs to less than half of what those costs would be next winter by retrofitting their propane furnace over to a geothermal heating system.

The annual operating cost reductions and resulting cash savings are significant. Many of our past clients have report reducing their annual energy bills by about 60% after completing a conversion to geothermal from what they used to pay for using propane.

Don’t forget that we heat our houses using our after tax money and so ask yourself what every thousand dollars saved is really worth to you and your family? So, why stop using propane to heat your house? Because a conversion to a geothermal heating and cooling system will save you money and reduce the carbon footprint of your home and provide you with a new and reliable way to heat your home.

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